Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Science and the World of Matter!

These past few weeks we have been putting on our scientist hat and learning about matter and three states that matter can be in: liquid, solid and gas.

We have been participating in some experiments. We have been using heating cooling and mixing to change matter. Our discussions in class are great because our experts can talk about why the matter is changing and how it changes.

Here we created jelly. We wondered how it changes from being liquid to a solid. We had to use mathematics to work out how many cups of boiling water we needed. Mmmmmm it tasted delicious.

We have also discovered how to melt chocolate. We had many ideas about how to melt chocolate. We used the gas steam to heat up and melt the chocolate. It was very cool for us to all watch the chocolate change state, from a solid to a liquid. Then we could spread the chocolate onto a biscuit and enjoy its yummy flavour! This was so much fun!

We are very excited to participate in our next science experiment!

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