Thursday, March 16, 2017

Room 7's reflection - Week 7

In Room 7 we are learning about reflecting about our week. We are focusing on things that we have enjoyed this term.

We enjoyed going to the beach because we got to swim. We learnt about being safe in the water. We learnt to Slip on a T-shirt. We learnt to Slop on some sun screen. We learnt to Slap on a hat. We learnt to Wrap on some sunglasses.

We learnt about Keeping Ourselves Safe. Ayden says we learnt about touch we like and touch that hurts and touch that confuses us. Hazel says we learnt about all the different parts of the body, our Tinana.

Akuira enjoyed swimming in the school pool. George know we do not jump into the pool. Arman knows that we don't do belly flops. Tiana enjoys putting her head under the water. Cameo is very careful in the pool.
Room 7 loved the Swimming Demonstration we got to show off all of our skill to our parents.

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